Our Vision for the future

Nexia’s “Vision” is to maintain and build on our position and reputation as a leading player in the global market for accountancy services

By remaining one of the Top 10 global accountancy networks and by pooling our collective resources, we believe we will be able to continue to provide consistently high levels of support to Members, not only in the servicing of their clients on cross-border matters and the winning of new work but also in the development of our firms and very importantly our people

Our Values

We believe that our current reputation and our vision for our future in both national and international markets will only be maintained and achieved by embracing our shared commitment to the following common set of values:

For ourselves:

  • Ensuring we act ethically, professionally and transparently in
    everything we do with our shared clients and each other
  • Playing an active and supportive role in our local business and wider communities
  • Managing our impact on the environment.

For our members:

  • Fostering a strong collaborative bond between Member firms, their partners, and staff at all levels
  • Sharing ideas and providing advice between fellow Member firms on their experiences relating to best practice, technical resources, training and providing support for shared clients and Nexia as a whole
  • Creating an international environment where professionals at all levels can interact, develop and flourish, both professionally and personally, for the good of themselves, the Member firms and also the Nexia network as a whole, not only for now but also the “next generation Nexia” beyond the life of this plan.

For our member firms’ clients:

  • Providing them with access to local specialist advice on a global basis in a consistent and cost-effective manner
  • Ensuring a consistent and quality of service at all times regardless of geographical location
  • Delivering tailored solutions to our clients by providing an attentive, proactive and partner-led approach to servicing their needs.