A team of leading auditors, lawyers and IT specialists combine expertise in order to offer you the following comprehensive GDPR consulting activities:
Audit of information in the company or in certain segments of its activity using personal data;

  • Analysis and audit of existing privacy practices;
  • Analysis of the current state of the IT infrastructure;
  • Review of available Information Security technologies;
  • Data exchange analysis;
  • Use of applications and databases analysis;
  • Determining the nature, scope and purposes of the processing of personal data;
  • Impact assessment on data protection, identification and minimization of risks of non-compliance;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Evaluation of current technical efficiency;
  • Identification of the new requirements for the protection of personal data, processing of special categories of personal data, cases of cross-border importance, etc .;
  • Preparation of binding and recommended documents to bring the activity into compliance with the regulation – forms for providing information and consent to data subjects, contracts between the addressees of the regulation, company policies on personal data protection, codes of conduct, etc .;
  • Updating the documentation according to forthcoming mandatory guidelines and good practices for the protection of personal data, changes in EU law and Bulgarian legislation, including delegated acts and implementing acts;
  • Implementation of IT systems to enhance Information Security;
  • Initial and ongoing consultations for companies using personal data;
  • Ensure ongoing, unified and comprehensive monitoring;
  • Legal assistance and representation to data subjects, supervisors and the court;

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